Cosmetic surgery in Miami : V.I.P. operations and treatments

In the days of covid19 or before 2020, cosmetic surgery in Miami is still all the rage.

Miami is easily accessible with a wide choice of flights from all over the world, and it’s simple to get around once you’re there. Tourists wishing to undergo cosmetic surgery in Miami can take advantage of the availability of new, cutting-edge medical treatments. Indeed, this city in the state of Florida, whose culture favors progress, scientific research and luxury, is brimming with V.I.P. aesthetic clinics and renowned plastic surgeons.

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Why choose Miami for cosmetic surgery ?

Perhaps the greatest attraction of the USA as a medical tourism destination is the familiarity of the culture. Most travelers will feel more comfortable with the U.S. language and way of life than with those of many medical tourism destinations.

Due to its elitist nature, medical tourism in Miami tends to focus on high-end hospitals and clinics. So it’s easy to combine the medical aspect of your trip with the opportunity to sightsee and enjoy the city’s entertainment and other attractions.

Miami cosmetic surgery clinics: top-of-the-range multidisciplinary medical centers

Florida’s healthcare system is of a very high standard, although it has struggled to keep pace with the city’s explosive population growth. The Department of Health and Medical Services operates hundreds of hospitals and plastic surgery clinics. In recent years, the capacity of these medical facilities has been considerably increased.

In other words, the medical infrastructure is among the best in the world, and it’s fair to say that Miami leads not only in the quality of the aesthetic treatments offered, but also in the post-operative services provided.

Generally speaking, whether you opt for an aesthetic clinic or a hospital in Miami, you can be sure that post-operative care will be provided in the same way. In fact, Miami plastic surgeons work in both places, and it’s fair to say that the most competent of them are heads of departments at public hospitals.

Which cosmetic procedures are the rage in Miami ?

Here are the top cosmetic surgeries performed in Miami in 2020, as recorded by ISAPS, the International Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery.

Breast augmentation: the most performed cosmetic surgery in Miami in 2020

In 2020, a total of 80,000 breast augmentation operations were performed in Miami alone, making this procedure the leading cosmetic surgery of the year. Breast augmentation procedures increased by 4% year-on-year, according to ASPS.

Liposuction: the second most popular surgery in Miami

Liposuction, which removes excess fat from certain areas of the body to give it a more streamlined appearance, was the second most requested surgical procedure in Miami and even in the state of Florida.

Cosmetic rhinoplasty: 3rd cosmetic operation in Miami

Nose reshaping, also known as rhinoplasty, was the third most popular cosmetic surgery in Miami during 2020.

Abdominoplasty: 4th cosmetic surgery in Miami

Abdominoplasty, also known as tummy tuck, is still one of the top 5 most coveted operations for women and men in Miami. Often associated with liposuction, it has become almost indispensable for a population that likes to show off its body on Miami beaches.

Buttock augmentation: a brilliant entry into the top 5

Buttock augmentation with implants or fat transfer is undoubtedly the hottest procedure at the moment, not only in Miami, but worldwide. Boosted by stars and celebrities, this aesthetic body contouring surgery is experiencing unprecedented demand from women in search of an attractive curve.

How much does plastic surgery cost in Miami?

For foreigners, undergoing cosmetic surgery in Miami can be a costly affair, since the stay can last for several days. Today, however, there are medical tourism agencies offering attractive prices for cosmetic surgery in Miami, which include the cost of the stay and hospitalization, the surgeon’s fees, etc.

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