Ear lobe surgery in Tunisia

To give your facial features the definition and outstanding look that they deserve, all of the part must be symmetrical and aligned with each other.

One of the most important parts is the ears; they give your face and overall head it’s shape and appearance.

However, many people are born with un aligned ears that my appear too big, or due to wearing heavy jewelry or accident the ear lobe could appear bigger, and it can cause many mental problems because the person is not satisfied with how they look.

MedEspoir is here to give you the best and most modern solution for that problem which is the ear lobe surgery in Tunisia.

You will have the look of your dreams and the confidence you always wanted with the help of MedEspoir’s best doctors.

And you will be able to have the ear lobe surgery in Tunisia for the lowest and most affordable price possible.

Ear lobe surgery

How much does an ear lobe operation in Tunisia cost?

Save 70% on the price of having the ear love operation in Tunisia by choosing MedEspoir, we offer the best deals, top quality treatment, highly educated doctors and the best postoperative care.

MedEspoir is famous for having the lowest prices for cosmetic surgeries while also providing you with the most efficient treatments and care.

We offer all our patients our unique all-inclusive package that covers all costs relating to the operation such as:

  • Clinic and operating room fees.
  • The fees of the medical team in charge of the operation.
  • Airport-hotel, hotel-clinic and other transfer fees.
  • The costs of the medical equipment used for the procedure.
  • Your hotel room at a high-end establishment.
  • The postoperative care and medication.

What is an ear lobe surgery?

Ear lobe repair surgery is a cosmetic procedure to repair ear lobes that are split or torn by the use of heavy earrings, the use of extenders or piercings, or by accident.

How to prepare for an ear lobe operation?

To make sure that the operation goes smoothly, you must visit your doctor for a check-up appointment prior to the date of the operation.

During this appointment the doctor will:

  • Know your goals and desires out of the operation.
  • Make a 3D model so that you can see what the potential end results are so you can make the necessary alterations.
  • Check your face’s shape and bone structure of your face to insure the perfect symmetry between it and your ears.
  • Run some tests like a blood test and others to see if you are suffering from any diseases that can potentially harm you during or after the operation.
  • Check your medical records to see if you had any previous cosmetic surgeries on your face.
  • Alter the dosage of some of the medication that you might be taking or tell you to stop taking them because they can affect the operation negatively.

What happens during an ear lobe operation?

The type of earlobe rupture will be the thing that will determine the technique to be used for the repair.

The split or torn earlobe can be repaired in two ways:

By simple closure.

The walls of the hole are incised, and the skin is sutured, obstructing the posterior and anterior part of the earlobe.

By reconstruction.

Two triangular flaps of skin are created on either side of the hole or tear, these flaps are rotated and their positions are swapped, this allows healthy tissue to pass from the periphery of the earlobe to the area of the tear or puncture.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and lasts less than an hour.

It does not require hospitalization or special care measures.

What happens after ear lobe surgery in Tunisia?

You will be able to go back home on the same day as the operation, you will leave the clinic with dressings to protect the wounds.

It’s normal to notice slight swelling and mild pain during the first days after the operation; the doctor will prescribe painkillers and all the necessary medication that you need during your recovery period.

The suture is removed in 10-14 days and the scar improve over time, becoming almost imperceptible.

The appearance of bruises and edema after the procedure is normal and will eventually disappear gradually.

You should avoid swimming or putting on headphones during your recovery period, any activity that may pose a threat on your ears should be avoided.

What are the results of an ear lobe repair surgery?

You will have to wait a period of 3 months to appreciate the final result.

Some time after the surgery and the recovery, you can make the decision to redo a hole in the ear for the wearing of earrings.

The only and important condition for this is that the new hole should not coincide with a previous scar, thus preventing the lobes from tearing again.

What are the risks of an ear lobe repair surgery?

MedEspoir offer you the treatment to repair your earlobe with the help of the best and most skilled doctor in the cosmetic field industry.

However, you should always know that any and all cometic or medical procedures come with some potential risks and complications.

Some of the risks of an ear lobe repair surgery are:

  • Pain.
  • Bleeding.
  • Infection.
  • scarring.
  • Notching of the area.

When you meet with your doctor for your first check-up appointment, they will inform you of these risks and discuss them with you in much more details.

The doctor will also instruct you on how to best avoid these potential risks and will stay in touch with you in case you need any assistance or if anything occurs.

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