Calf augmentation in Tunisia

Cosmetic surgery is the best and most easiest way to gain the body you always wanted, it is simply faster, more reliable and has more efficient results than regular methods such as training and dieting.

And to achieve the perfect symmetry of your body, all parts must be aligned perfectly, especially the lower part, one of the most important aspects of the beauty of this part of the body is your legs.

For both men and women, legs are the definition of height, beauty and overall symmetry, and what gives them that definition is the calfs.

The calfs are the group of muscles that are located behind your leg and bellow your thighs, big calfs mean masculinity for men and sexiness for women.

No one wants to have what is called “chicken legs” which is having very skinny legs, and to help you with that we offer you the calf augmentation procedure in Tunisia.

MedEspoir gives you the golden opportunity to have the calf augmentation procedure in Tunisia for the lowest price possible.

This is of course without the sacrifice of efficiency as our medical team is composed of the best doctors in the whole world.

We invite you to come and have the perfect legs with the calf augmentation in Tunisia at MedEspoir.

Calf augmentation

How much does calf augmentation in Tunisia cost ?

With MedEspoir you will save 70% on the price of having the calf augmentation procedure compared to other countries.

MedEspoir has been in the business of aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgeries for over 10 years, we have developed the best customer service in the whole country.

The complete relaxation and satisfaction of our patients is our number one mission and priority, and to relieve you from all the stress of the operation we have decided to offer you the lowest price possible for calf augmentation in Tunisia.

This is thanks to our unique all-inclusive package, that allows you to have the trip to Tunisia and the operation with only one very affordable payment.

This small payment will cover:

  • The hotel room during your stay in Tunisia.
  • The operation costs.
  • The cost of the tools that will be used during or after the operation.
  • All operation related transportation.
  • The doctor’s fees.
  • The post-operative care and medication.

What is Calf augmentation?

Calf augmentation by implants or lipofilling is a cosmetic surgery that consists of aesthetically beautifying, increasing the volume of the calves or reducing bowed or twisted legs.

Depending on the patient’s motivations, the surgeon may resort to the placement of prostheses (silicone implants) or the use of autologous fat through liposuction performed on the patient.

Who are the best candidates for a calf augmentation ?

Remodeling of the calves by prosthetic implants or by injection of autologous fat is indicated for:

  • Patients with muscularly unbalanced legs.
  • Patients with a birth defect in the leg.
  • Patients with neurological diseases or poliomyelitis.
  • Patients who have suffered injuries or trauma to this area.

Calf augmentation is not recommended for patients with diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, psychological problems, pregnant or breastfeeding women and children.

How to prepare for calf augmentation ?

Prior to this procedure or any other cosmetic surgery, a consultation with the surgeon is the first and most important step for every patient. During the consultation, the surgeon will make an assessment and discuss your specific goals to determine the best procedure.

The doctor will take a look at your medical history to see if you have had any previous surgeries or any medical conditions that can be threatening to your health during or after the procedure.

You will be asked to stop taking any nutritional supplements or any medication that contains aspirin before the operation.

You will also need to stop smoking and drinking alcohol for a period of time before the calf augmentation operation.

What happens during the calf augmentation procedure ?

The operation will be done either by general or local anaesthesia depending on your condition and will take a period between 1 and two hours to be done.

The doctor can use one of two techniques for this procedure; this will be determined during your first visit to the clinic.

Augmentation with prosthesis :

An incision is made near the posterior crease of the knee that hides the scar, and through this are placed the special prostheses for this area.

There are several areas in which silicone implants can be placed.

The choice of one or the other depends on your physiognomy and the preferences of the surgeon.

It can basically be behind or in front of the muscle.

The implants are of a specific model, which is made in two types which are anatomical and fusiform and have a hypercohesive silicone gel which does not flow in case of rupture of the prosthesis similar to that of buttock implants.

This procedure is performed under general anesthesia.

Augmentation by lipofilling :

Calf augmentation with fat is recommended when the patient wants to increase their calves while eliminating unsightly accumulations of fat in other parts of the body, like breast lipofilling.

Liposuction is performed on the areas that the patient wants to improve, once the fat is extracted, it is processed in a centrifuge to be injected into the calves.

This surgery can be performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia.

What happens after the calf augmentation procedure ?

Seven full days of rest are recommended, and you should walk slowly for the first two weeks.

During the first period of your recovery, you will notice some swelling, redness and bruising and can feel a mild pain, these will all disappear withing one week and the doctor will give you the necessary medication and painkillers.

After 24 hours, you can wash the treated area, carefully protecting the scar, you also must avoid sun exposure for the first few weeks.

Compression stockings or daytime elastic bandages should be worn for a month.


Avoid any and all sports activities for a month and stay away from physically demanding activities like lifting heaving weights.

It’s important to take as much rest as you can possibly get, so make sure that you take some time off work to help you heal.

To maintain the results of the operation, you must make sure that you follow a healthy lifestyle, this means that you must eat healthy and start training as soon as your doctor allows you to.

What are the results of a calf augmentation operation in Tunisia ?

The results are immediately noticeable, you will gain more volume on your calfs that will make them appear filled with muscles.

During the following years, it is advisable to change the prosthesis.

In the rarest cases, there may be a rupture of the prosthesis, but these are extremely rare cases.

What are the risks of calf augmentation ?

With the help of the doctors at MedEspoir, you will have a highly safe operation and with guaranteed results, the operation for calf augmentation has a very high success and satisfaction rate.

However, any and all medical or cosmetic surgeries have some potential risks and complications that you will need to be aware of so that you can understand all aspects of the operation.

Some of the risks of calf augmentation procedure are:

  • Negative reaction to anesthesia or the implant.
  • Bleeding.
  • Bruising.
  • Nerve damage.
  • Uneven calfs.
  • Pain.
  • Infection.

Your doctor will help and guide you through your postoperative period to make sure that none of these risks happen t you.

They will also give you instruction so that can practice self care during your healing period to avoid all these potential complications.

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