Buttocks implants in Tunisia

Feeling good about your self and how you look is very important, it makes you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, this is why taking care of your physique is essential.

When it comes to female physical beauty, the curves and slimness of the body are very important, the curves highlight the rest of your aesthetic beauty and enhances the rest of your body.

And one of the most important body parts of this is the buttocks, because in all honestly it’s what everyone looks at when they notice you and it gives you the harmony of your body.

But many women are born with small or uneven looking buttocks which can make them feel unconformable about the way they look and lose confidence.

But with MedEspoir it’s not a problem any more, because we offer you the buttocks implants operation in Tunisia for the lowest price possible.

With MedEspoir you will have the hands of the most professional and highly skilled doctors to have your buttock implants, we guarantee you full and total satisfaction.

Buttocks implants

How much does buttcock implant in Tunisia cost ?

Buttocks augmentation with implants can be a bit pricy, the procedure is done using very professional tools and the implant are made from pure silicone.

But with MedEspoir you will be able to save 70% on the price of having the procedure.

We highly value our patients happiness, satisfaction and relaxation, and to offer that and make sure that you are fully satisfied we have created our unique all-inclusive package.

This all-inclusive package will allow you to have buttocks implant in Tunisia for the lowest price possible because it covers:

  • The hotel room.
  • The fees of the surgeon and the medical team in charge of the operation.
  • Clinic fees, prostheses in the case of buttock implants and operating theater fees.
  • Transfer fees.
  • The costs of the medical equipment used for the procedure.
  • The post-operative medication.

What is a buttock implant operation ?

Tunisia buttock augmentation or buttock surgery by placing implants is a cosmetic surgery which aims to increase the volume of the buttocks both in width and in depth using prostheses of various shapes.

This implantation makes it possible to restructure the shape of the buttocks when they are droopy and to increase their volumes when they are too flat.

The buttocks, their volumes and their curves, are typical beauty criteria of the female silhouette and of our time, many people resort to this procedure with effective results.

What causes the changes in the buttocks appearance and shape ?

There are so many factors to consider when asking how the shape of the buttocks changes?

However, all of them can be treated using the buttocks augmentation procedure, you will be able to choose the shape that you want and best suits you.

Some of the reasons why the buttocks changes it’s shape:

  • Aging.
  • Significant and repeated weight gain.
  • Excess weight loss.
  • Occupational sedentary lifestyle or prolonged sitting position.
  • Lack of sports and activity

Why do you need a buttocks augmentation procedure ?

The need for a buttock augmentation procedure in Tunisia is explained by gluteal or gluteal hypoplasia which is due to growth arrest or insufficient growth.

This anomaly can be surgically treated with buttock augmentation procedures.

Hypoplasia can affect patients with a thin bodies or suffering from being overweight.

How to prepare for a buttocks implant procedure ?

Visiting your doctor for a preoperation appointment is very important, because during this meeting you will be able to tell you doctor of your desired results.

Based on what you want, the doctor will create a 3D model to show how the results would look like.

They will also take the necessary measurements and run some tests to see if you have any medical conditions that can be threatening to you during or after the operation.

The doctor will also take a look at your medical history to see if you had any previous procedures.

Make sure to tell your surgeon about any medication that you are taking and if you are allergic to anything.

You will also have to meet with the anaesthetists so that you can agree on the type of anesthesia that best works for you.

Quit smoking and alcohol before the operation, and prepare to have some time off work to properly heal.

What happens during the buttocks augmentation procedure ?

MedEspoir offers two types of buttock augmentation in Tunisia:

  • Buttock augmentation by lipofilling.
  • Buttock augmentation with buttock implants.

It is a question of giving volume to the buttocks considered too flat by giving them a shape in perfect agreement with the wishes of the patient.

The incision made at the level of the gluteal fold makes it possible to introduce the prostheses and implant them in the thickness of the large muscle.

This plastic surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes up to 48 hours of hospitalization. The duration of a buttock augmentation procedure lasts one and a half hour.

Surgeons have many shapes and sizes of prostheses at their disposal, after many years of research and development; the prostheses are now made of silicone gel for exemplary strength and reliability.

The latter can be round or “anatomical and adapt perfectly to the desired volume for a result in accordance with the wishes of the patient.

What happens after the buttocks implant operation ?

For one to two weeks, pain of various intensities is to be expected due to the complete lifting of the gluteus maximus muscle during the surgery.

During recovery, swelling and bruising are to be expected.

Your surgeon will prescribe analgesics to overcome any pain.

Pain management will be monitored by medical staff to establish an exact dosage of painkillers.

You will be strongly recommended to avoid any pressure on your buttocks and also to:

  • Sleep on your back.
  • To bend over.
  • To carry heavy objects.
  • To practice a sports activity for two months.
  • A two-week work stoppage is recommended regardless of the profession exercised.

What are the results after cosmetic buttock augmentation surgery ?

After a buttock augmentation, your body becomes harmonious through new rounded curves for a perfectly natural appearance.

After a period of 2 to 3 weeks, the first results are observed.

It will take between 3 and 6 months to see the final result.

What are the risks of the buttock implants operation ?

All operations have potential risks that could happen either during or after the procedure, understanding this will help your decision making.

Not to worry, because the risks of the buttocks implants in Tunisia are very rare, and the doctors at MedEspoir will make sure that your operation goes safely and smoothly.

The doctors will also instruct you on how to best avoid these risks.

Some of the potential complication of buttocks implants are:

  • Bleeding.
  • Infection.
  • Uneven implants.
  • Pain.
  • Swelling and bruising.
  • Difficulty in movement.
  • Nerve damage.
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