Septoplasty in Tunisia

The nose lies at the center of the face, meaning that it is the main part of your body that gives you your facial descriptions and features.

And to achieve a beautiful face you will need to have symmetry between all of your facial features, this is very important for many people.

However, due to genetics or accidents, the shape of your nose can change drastically and can alter your whole look and make it less symmetrical, and it could be problematic if not treated because it can turn from an aesthetic problem to a medical problem.

A deviated spetum is not only aesthetically unpleasing, but it can cause many breathing problems that can lead to even more serious health issues.

So what’s the solution for this problem? Well MedEspoir is here as usual to give you the best treatments for all of your needs, and for the problem of the shape of your septum we offer you the septoplasty operation in Tunisia.

Septoplasty in Tunisia is performed with the help of the best cosmetic doctors in the world and at the best and most cheapest price in the market.

Septoplasty Tunisia

How much does a septoplasty in Tunisia cost ?

MedEspoir allows you to save 70% on the price of all cosmetic surgeries such as septoplasty by using our all-inclusive package.

The importance of plastic and aesthetic procedures is increasing day by day, after all many of the cosmetic surgeries that are performed are used to cure medical problems, and this is the exact case when it comes to septoplasty in Tunisia.

However, many people choose not to undergo the cosmetic surgery as they can be very expensive in countries like the U.S., The U.K., Canada and European countries.

But with MedEspoir you will be able to have the septoplasty procedure in Tunisia with the lowest and most affordable price in the market.

This is due to our all-inclusive package that covers:

  • The operation costs.
  • The cost of the tools that will be used during or after the operation.
  • The medical team and doctor’s payment.
  • Your hotel room during your stay in Tunisia.
  • All operation related transportation.
  • The postoperative treatment and care.

With MedEspoir you will be able to save up money so you can enjoy the beauty of Tunisia while having your cosmetic treatment.

What is septoplasty ?

Septoplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure consisting in modifying the nose for functional reasons in order to restore a respiratory function altered by an obstruction of the nasal airways.

If in most cases a nasal obstruction can be a source of discomfort or simple inconvenience, it can sometimes be dangerous or even fatal in the case of sleep apnea.

Surgery is therefore strongly recommended to intervene and correct this type of obstruction.

In some cases, the patient wishes to opt for a rhinoplasty, cosmetic surgery of the nose, in parallel with a septoplasty.

What is the nasal septum and how does it deviate ?

The nasal septum is a separation composed of the perpendicular lamina of the ethmoid, the vomer and the septal cartilage.

As the name suggests, the nasal septum divides the two nostrils of the nose, partitioning them off.

The nasal septum presents in an overwhelming majority of cases a totally natural deviation and does not alter the respiratory function in any way.

Hardly visible to the naked eye, this slight deviation is widespread among the population because it is very rare to observe a perfectly flat, symmetrical or straight nasal septum.

The nasal septum will therefore separate the two cavities that are the nasal cavities, thus allowing the routing of air but also ensuring its heating, humidification and the perception of odors.

The alteration of the respiratory functions depends entirely on the degree and the importance of the deviation of the nasal septum which can be from birth or caused by a trauma requiring a surgical treatment.

Why do you need a septoplasty ?

The operation is considered the best treatment and solution for many nasal and breathing problems.

Some of the problems that a septoplasty can cure are:

  • Regular sinus infections.
  • Prolonged and persistent nosebleeds.
  • Pressure on the nasal septum causing headaches.

How to prepare for septoplasty ?

Any cosmetic surgery requires some preparations before it and septoplasty is no different.

You will first have to mee you doctor for a preoperation appointment, during which they will explain to you at length the principles of an intervention such as septoplasty and carry out the various examinations essential to determine with precision the nature of the dysfunctions of the nasal septum.

The surgeon will also perform an endonasal examination, this test will help them assess your nasal obstruction, look for possible infectious pathologies and look for possible disorders related to previous procedure if you had done any.

Your surgeon will also ask you to completely stop smoking before considering surgery.

This complete and total cessation of smoking is also strongly recommended following the operation to put the odds on your side and promote healing.

You will also need a few days off work to help you heal properly.

What happens during the septoplasty surgery in Tunisia ?

The procedure is done under general anesthesia and will take a period of 1 to 2 hours to be done.

Septoplasty involves modifying or removing all or part of certain areas of the nasal septum responsible for the obstruction.

Therefore, your doctor will select one of the two incision techniques which are:

  • Endonasal incision: an incision inside the nose.
  • External incision: an incision at the base of the nose.

After freeing the nasal septum from its cutaneous and mucous membranes, the surgeon initiates the necessary modifications by proceeding to a partially or completely sectioning the substance which obstructs the nasal passage or to modify the nasal septum directly.

After making the necessary modifications to the structure of the nasal septum, the surgeon moves on to the suturing stage, which can be completed by the placement of splints or wicks if there is a risk of bleeding.

What happens after a septoplasty ?

After the septoplasty it’s very normal to feel a slight discomfort with little to no pain.

This slight discomfort is due to the locks placed at the end of the procedure, if a nasal dressing is applied, it can be removed one week after the operation.

If you suffer from any pain, simply taking analgesics provides immediate relief and if the pain is mild then simply applying ice will be more than enough.

It is important to anticipate the appearance of bruising and swelling in the nose which may cause slight breathing difficulties, these few slight difficulties will disappear completely as soon as the nose regains its original shape and volume.

In order to optimize recovery, you should avoid all physical exertion and sports activities in order to minimize the risk of any damage.

What are the risks of a septoplasty ?

Potential risks and complications are a part of every cosmetic or medical procedure, and septoplasty is no different.

Some of the risks of septoplasty are:

  • Nasal obstruction.
  • Bleeding.
  • A change in the shape of your nose.
  • Decreased sense of smell.
  • Clotted blood.
  • Nerve damage.
  • Temporary numbness.
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