Ethnic rhinoplasty in Tunisia : the nose job for different ethnicities

We are all born different, our bodies, their shape, size, and overall looks are all different and unique to each and everyone of us.

So it’s natural that there are some cosmetic surgeries that are aimed only at a specific group of people, and this special feature is their race or ethnicity.

All around the world people are visibly and physically are identified through their ethnicity and race, it’s not always a 100% accuracy but based on the skin color and facial features you are able to safely guess which ethnicity they are from.

And there are cosmetic procedures that are aimed at ethnic features such as the ethnic rhinoplasty in Tunisia or ethnic nose job.

The nose is after all the key definer of our facial features and how they look, so it’s logical that each and every ethnic group are known for a specific and unique physical feature, like the nose.

And many people have the full freedom and right to change whatever they want about their bodies because in the end it is a natural right and it’s your own body.

And as usual MedEspoir is always here to help you and guide you through your journey with the help of our best specialist doctors in nose job operations in Tunisia and the best prices you will ever find.

Ethnic rhinoplasty Tunisia

How much does an ethnic nose job cost ?

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This is because our all-inclusive package covers:

  • The cost of the tools that would be used during your operation.
  • Access to our cutting-edge operations room.
  • The hotel room during your stay in Tunisia.
  • All operation related transportation.
  • The postoperative care and medication.
  • The doctor and medical staff payment.

With our all-inclusive package you will be able to save up money so you can enjoy the natural beauty of Tunisia and all that it has to offer during your visit.

What is an ethnic nose job ?

The ethnic rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to reshape the nose by modifying the structure of the bone and cartilage that is under the skin without necessarily westernizing the nose. It is intended for patients of African, Asian, Oriental or Hispanic ethnic groups or “races.”

The most important end result for any ethnic rhinoplasty, regardless of race, is to create a nose that is in harmony with all other areas of the face and without diminishing the cultural identity of the patient.

How to prepare for an ethnic nose procedure ?

The operation is almost exactly like a normal rhinoplasty procedure, so the preparations are also similar.

Before any procedure you must meet with your doctor for a check-up appointment, during this preoperation meeting your doctor will:

  • Explain the operation to you.
  • Help you understand the potential risks.
  • Understand your goals and desires out of the operation.
  • Prepare a 3D diagram to show you the potential results.
  • Run some tests like blood test, bone test and the structure of your face.
  • Take a look into your Medical History.
  • Alter the dosage of some medications that you are taking or instruct you to stop taking them.

If you are a smoker or a heavy drinking you should quit before a period of the time of the operation as they can lead into complication either during or after the operation.

How is ethnic rhinoplasty performed ?

Ethnic rhinoplasty is mainly based on the “sculpting” of the base of the bone and the cartilage that we have under the skin of the nose. All of this can be done through incisions in the nose.

The operation does not leave visible scars like closed techniques, however, when necessary, the surgeon can modify the tip of the nose by incising the skin between the nostrils in order to more precisely improve the tip of the nose.

Like other types of nose surgery, ethnic rhinoplasty attempts to reshape the nose by changing the structure of the bone and cartilage that lies beneath the skin without leaving scars, however, some techniques are used more frequently in ethnic patients.

The overly flat noses of some non-Caucasian individuals can be improved with cartilage grafts taken from the patient’s own body and by giving a more refined shape to the tip of the nose.

To narrow the base of the nose, up to three incisions can be made at the base of the nose, one outside each nostril, and one in the columella. Artificial implants can also be placed on the bridge to give more definition to the nose, and a small amount of bone may be removed to remove the nasal “bump”.

Through the incisions made, your surgeon can reshape the bones and cartilage that serve as the base and support for the nose.

Thus, by means of these techniques, the nasal bones are affected, and the nasal bump can be diminished, as well as the bones can be narrowed. Subsequently, the nose cartilages are manipulated in order to reduce their volume, modify their shape and improve their aesthetics.

What are the results of ethnic rhinoplasty ?

The results of an ethnic rhinoplasty are generally as good as those of the classic rhinoplasty intended for people of the Caucasian type.

Thanks to the techniques described above, surgeons in Tunisia can make the nose appear straighter, longer, thinner or as the patient wishes, always within certain limits.

Regardless of the race or gender of the patient, the goal is always the same which is to modify the nose and give your face more balance and symmetry. Ethnic rhinoplasty techniques allow experienced cosmetic surgeons to achieve this in all patients.

What are the risks of ethnic rhinoplasty ?

Risks are always a factor in any and all cosmetic or medical procedures, and the ethnic nose job operation is no different, even with the help of the top doctors in the world there is always potential complication.

Some of the risks of an ethnic nose job are:

  • Crooked nose.
  • Bleeding.
  • Hematomas.
  • Infections.
  • Skin disorders.
  • Nerve damage.
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