Thigh lift in Tunisia

Due to our modern diet, one of the most common physical problems that we have is accumulated fat in our bodies.

This problem alone can be the cause of many other more serious health issues such as a high blood pressure or obesity and it’s not only medical, but it can be aesthetically unpleasing as well.

Accumulated fat can create the look of sagginess and looseness which can make many people lose confidence in their appearance.

But there is always a solution for any problem, and MedEspoir is the best at offering you the most modern solutions for your aesthetic needs.

And today we offer you the thigh lift operation in Tunisia with our extremely affordable prices.

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Thigh lift

How much does a thigh lift in Tunisia cost ?

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This is because our all-inclusive package covers:

  • The payment of the doctor and medical team.
  • The cost of the operation.
  • The cost of the tools that will be used during and after the operation.
  • All operation related transportation.
  • The postoperative medication and care.

What is a thigh lift surgery ?

Thigh lift, ceroplasty, crural lift, or dermolipectomy are one and the same operation which consists of fighting against excess skin caused by sagging skin in the crotch.

Cosmetic surgery provides a solution to all the physical and aesthetic inconveniences caused by aging or excess fat.

The unpleasant and disabling friction caused by the softening of the skin encourages many subjects to think of a thigh lift to regain good functionality and a more beautiful figure.

What are the types of the thigh lift procedure?

Medial Thigh Lift (Inner Thigh Lift)

Ah, the delicate dance of aesthetics! Enter the realm of the medial thigh lift, a surgical symphony aimed at sculpting and tightening the inner thigh region with the precision of a master craftsman. This procedure, also known as an inner thigh lift, targets the innermost sanctuary of your thighs, where stubborn fat deposits and loose skin often take refuge.

Picture this: a surgeon delicately removes excess skin and fat from the inner thigh area, recontouring it into a smoother, more toned silhouette. The result? A thigh gap to rival the grace of a ballerina and the confidence to strut your stuff without hesitation.

Bilateral Thigh Lift (Outer Thigh Lift)

Behold, the bilateral thigh lift the transformative journey toward sleeker, firmer outer thighs! This procedure, akin to a symphony of restoration, addresses the outer thigh region with surgical finesse. Imagine a skilled conductor orchestrating the removal of excess skin and fat from both thighs, harmonizing their contours into a seamless, rejuvenated composition.

Whether it’s the aftermath of weight loss or the natural aging process, the bilateral thigh lift offers a tailored solution, restoring balance and proportion to your lower body ensemble. Picture yourself embracing the world with newfound confidence, each step a testament to your renewed vitality and allure.

Vertical Thigh Lift (Vertical Thighplasty)

Enter the vertical thigh lift, a veritable feat of surgical ingenuity designed to elevate your lower body contour to new heights! Unlike its horizontal counterpart, this procedure dares to defy convention by addressing excess skin and fat along the inner and outer thigh in a vertical direction.

Imagine the meticulous craftsmanship of a sculptor, as your surgeon strategically excises redundant tissue and repositions the remaining skin, creating a sleeker, more elongated profile.

With each incision, a symphony of transformation unfolds, sculpting your thighs into a harmonious composition of beauty and grace. Embrace the vertical lift, and ascend to new levels of confidence and allure.

Spiral Thigh Lift (Spiral Thighplasty)

Dare to embark on a journey of unparalleled transformation with the spiral thigh lift a surgical odyssey that embraces the curves of your lower body with artistic precision! As the name suggests, this procedure takes a spiral approach, addressing excess skin and fat along the entire circumference of the thigh.

Picture the skillful hands of your surgeon, navigating a path that winds gracefully from the inner to the outer thigh, sculpting contours that rival the allure of a Grecian statue. With each revolution, redundant tissue is excised, and the remaining skin is artfully draped to reveal a silhouette that embodies elegance and vitality.

Embrace the spiral thigh lift, and let your beauty unfurl in a mesmerizing dance of curves and contours.

Combination Thigh Lift

Enter the realm of bespoke beauty with the combination thigh lift a tailored approach that combines the best of surgical techniques to address your unique aesthetic concerns! This procedure, akin to a symphony of customization, allows your surgeon to artfully blend elements of the medial, bilateral, vertical, or spiral thigh lift to achieve your desired outcome.

Picture a skilled conductor orchestrating a symphony of rejuvenation, harmonizing the contours of your thighs to create a masterpiece of proportion and balance. Whether it’s excess skin, stubborn fat, or loss of elasticity, the combination thigh lift offers a comprehensive solution, tailored to your individual needs.

Embrace the artistry of customization and unveil a silhouette that reflects your true essence confident, radiant, and utterly captivating.

How much excess skin can a thigh lift remove ?

Thigh lift, or ceroplasty, is a surgical procedure that aims to remove excess skin and unwanted fat cells from the thighs, to reshape and firm their appearance.

The degree of excess skin that can be removed depends on each patient and their individual needs.

Patients who are candidates for ceroplasty often have significant excess skin, which may be due to significant weight loss, aging, pregnancy or other factors.

So, during a thigh lift, the plastic surgeon removes excess skin and fatty tissue to create a smoother, firmer contour of the thighs.

Depending on the patient’s individual needs, the procedure can be more or less extensive, ranging from a simple skin excision to combined liposuction to remove excess fat.

How to prepare for a thigh lift operation ?

The thigh lift surgery requires preoperative arrangements and consultations to best prepare for the surgery and best meet the expectations and wishes of the patients.

A first consultation with your surgeon will be necessary to establish the therapeutic project together, during which the doctor will use 3D technology to show you how the results would look like and take the necessary measurements.

The doctor will also perform some blood tests to make sure that you do not have any heath problems that can cause you any potential risks either during of after the operation.

The surgeon will look at your medical history to see if you have done any previous operations, if you are on any medication that you should stop taking or if you are allergic to anything.

An interview with the anesthetist will be scheduled to select the type of anesthesia. For a thigh lift, the operation can take place either under local anesthesia reinforced by tranquilizers or under general anesthesia.

You will be asked, as with any surgery, to completely stop smoking and any aspirin-based treatment.

Other preparations.

Research and Education:

Knowledge is power, and in the realm of cosmetic surgery, it’s no different. Take the time to research the procedure thoroughly, understand its intricacies, risks, and benefits.

Consult reputable sources, read testimonials, and familiarize yourself with the experiences of others who have undergone similar surgeries.

Clarify Expectations:

Set realistic expectations for the outcome of the surgery. While thigh lift surgery can yield remarkable results, it’s essential to understand that perfection may not be attainable. Discuss your aesthetic goals with your surgeon, and ensure that they align with what is achievable through the procedure.

Emotional Preparedness:

Undergoing surgery, no matter how elective, can evoke a range of emotions from excitement to anxiety. Take the time to process your feelings and address any apprehensions you may have. Seek support from friends, family, or a therapist if needed, to navigate the emotional journey leading up to the surgery.

Physical Fitness:

Prioritize your physical health in the weeks leading up to the surgery. Engage in regular exercise, maintain a balanced diet, and avoid habits detrimental to your well-being, such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Strengthening your body beforehand can contribute to a smoother recovery process post-surgery.

Arrange Support:

Enlist the support of friends or family members to assist you during the recovery period. From driving you to and from the surgical facility to helping with household chores, having a support system in place can alleviate stress and facilitate a more comfortable recovery.

Prepare Your Home:

Create a comfortable and conducive environment for your recovery at home. Stock up on essential supplies, such as loose-fitting clothing, extra pillows for elevation, and any prescribed medications. Arrange your living space to minimize the need for strenuous movement post-surgery.

Address Practical Matters:

Take care of any practical matters that may require attention before the surgery. This includes arranging for time off work, scheduling childcare or pet care if needed, and ensuring that you have sufficient funds to cover any associated expenses.

Mindfulness and Relaxation:

Incorporate relaxation techniques into your daily routine to manage stress and promote a sense of calmness.

Whether it’s meditation, deep breathing exercises, or indulging in activities you enjoy, prioritize self-care in the days leading up to the surgery.

Communication with Surgeon:

Maintain open communication with your surgeon throughout the pre-operative phase. Address any concerns or questions you may have, and ensure that you fully understand the pre-operative instructions provided by your surgical team.

Positive Mindset:

Approach the surgery with a positive mindset and trust in the expertise of your surgical team. Visualize a successful outcome and focus on the transformative journey ahead, embracing the opportunity to enhance your confidence and well-being through thigh lift surgery.

What happens during the thigh lift operation ?

As soon as the inner skin of the thigh is too distended, the plastic surgeon immediately selects the thigh lift to provide a reliable solution adapted to this type of sagging skin.

Liposuction alone cannot solve the problem and even if it is carried out in excellent conditions, liposuction cannot act on the skin.

Weight variation and aging act directly on the skin of the inner thigh.

With great finesse and great fragility, this skin tends to stretch and degrade over time.

Highly sensitive, the thighs also tend to accumulate fat.

According to the preoperative examinations, the surgeon will have at their disposal several operating techniques to perform a thigh lift.

Lasting an average of two hours, the surgery begins with an incision in the inner thigh.

The surgeon then has several methods to perform the thigh surgery:

The technique with vertical incision :

The scar is vertical, at the level of the inner thigh in order to be as discreet as possible.

The technique with horizontal incision :

The surgeon works by pulling the skin upwards, as if putting on pants.

The incision begins at the fold of the groin to reach the level of the top of the inner face of the thigh and ends at the level of the rear fold of the buttocks.

The mixed technique :

This last technique combines the first methods to redrape the skin as much as possible, obtaining a scar in the form of a T

What happens after a thigh lift surgery ?

After a thigh lift, it is normal to nice some bruising or edema which will disappear after 10 to 20 days.

Slight unpleasant sensations of tension can be felt as well as slight pain which is perfectly natural after this type of procedure.

The doctor will provide the necessary painkillers to deal with the pain.

You should take some time off work to help your body rest and heal and have someone to help you around the house during the first days after the thigh lift surgery.

Avoid any kind of physically demanding activities or sports.

Avoid exposing your scars to the sun and UV light.

The Long-term Healing Journey After Thigh Lift Surgery.

Early Healing Phase (Weeks 1-2):

Ah, the tender embrace of early convalescence! In these first delicate weeks, your body awakens to the rhythm of healing, orchestrating a symphony of regeneration beneath the surface.

Swelling and bruising, loyal companions of surgical intervention, begin to recede, revealing glimpses of the masterpiece beneath.

With each passing day, your mobility blossoms like a fledgling bird taking flight, guided by the gentle touch of post-operative care.

Mid-Term Healing Phase (Weeks 3-6):

Behold, the mid-term healing phase, a period of blossoming resilience and newfound vitality! By now, the initial discomfort has yielded to a sense of familiarity, as your body adjusts to its evolving contours.

Physical activity, once approached with caution, now beckons like a siren’s call, tempting you to explore the boundaries of your newfound freedom.

Scar tissue, a testament to the body’s remarkable capacity for adaptation, begins its slow dance of maturation, gradually fading into the tapestry of your skin.

Late Healing Phase (Months 2-6):

As the seasons shift and the world awakens to the promise of renewal, so too does your body enter the late healing phase with quiet determination.

By now, the echoes of surgery have faded into memory, replaced by a sense of equilibrium and restored vitality. Scar tissue, once a faint whisper upon your skin, now stands as a testament to resilience, a reminder of the journey you have traversed.

Physical activity resumes its role as a faithful companion, guiding you along the path of restoration with each graceful step.

Long-Term Healing and Maintenance (Beyond 6 Months):

And so, the final act of the healing saga unfolds, casting its gaze towards the horizon of long-term maintenance. Scar tissue, once a visible testament to the surgical odyssey, now fades into the tapestry of your skin, a subtle reminder of the resilience that resides within.

Physical activity becomes not just a pursuit but a way of life, anchoring you to the rhythms of vitality and well-being.

With each passing day, you emerge as a testament to the transformative power of resilience and the enduring beauty of renewal.

What are the results of thigh lift surgery in Tunisia ?

The results are immediate due to the loss of excess fat, but the final result can only really be observed after a period of 6 to 12 months.

Little or no visible scars gradually reduce but do not disappear.

The healing process is entirely dependent on the patient, their metabolism and their ability to heal.

What are the risks of a thigh lift operation in Tunisia ?

The surgery is very efficient with a high rate of success and satisfaction, however it’s always important to remember that any and all cosmetic or medical procedures carry with them some potential risks and complications.

The doctor will discuss these risks with you to instruct you on how to avoid them and deal with them.

Some of the risks of a thigh lift are:

  • Bleeding.
  • Scar migration.
  • Wound dehiscence.
  • Infection.
  • Hematoma.
  • Lymphedema.
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