Radiofrequency in Tunisia : facial rejuvenation by medical treatment

Facial rejuvenation by radiofrequency or radio-frequency is a technique of aesthetic medicine that can be performed using electromagnetic waves in order to treat sagging skin on the face.

It heats the dermis and thus stimulates the production of neo-collagen, the wave emission device targets, the oval of the face, the neck, the contour of the mouth and the eyes.

Radiofrequency Tunisia


How much does facial radiofrequency in Tunisia cost?

Medespoir Canada offers you all-inclusive rates that include the practitioner’s fees and the entire stay to carry out your therapeutic project.

Our main mission is to offer you the most relaxing experience possible, and in order for us to do that we offer you the all-inclusive package that covers all necessary costs of the procedure.

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How does the radiofrequency facial rejuvenation session take place?

Principle of treatment:

The procedure is done by heat generating waves which are beneficial for the skin and which allow the production of collagen in order to improve the firmness of the dermis.


A handpiece is applied to the skin with a very high-frequency current to each area of the skin that you want to firm. The number of sessions depends on the degree of relaxation and the device used. Sessions are generally spaced three weeks apart.

As for sensitive skin, the application of an anesthetic cream is essential, the session lasts between twenty and seventy minutes.


Radiofrequency facial rejuvenation in Tunisia allows the skin to be more toned, smoother, fresher and more elastic with a firm oval and a serene appearance of the face, thus, the patient regains self-confidence and feels more in harmony with himself.

​What are the consequences of radiofrequency facial rejuvenation?

At the end of the session, redness may reappear with swelling which will disappear after two days.

Te doctor will prescribe some painkillers for you so that you can better manage any pain after the procedure.

During the first couple of days, make sure to stay away from the sun and do not apply make-up to your face.


It is contraindicated for anyone who is pregnant, has a pacemaker, metal implants or irritated skin.

What are the results of radiofrequency facial rejuvenation?

After several sessions, the final results are visible, on the other hand, they can be assessed from the end of the second or third session as the case may be, thus, the skin becomes smoother and younger.

Generally, the results are natural and improve the months following the sessions, however, it is possible to maintain them by performing a session every four months.


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