MEDICAL STAY IN TUNISIA : how does it work?

In order to guarantee a peaceful medical stay. MedEspoir Canada takes care of you as soon as we receive your quote request or your phone call.

Making contact for a medical stay in Tunisia.

A team of responsive and empathetic consultants are at your disposal to note your requests and answer all the questions that intrigue you.

​Medical stay in Tunisia : Medespoir Canada takes care of your Tunisia cosmetic surgery from A to Z at an all-inclusive price and in the best conditions.

Study of your file.

Once received, your medical file will be reviewed by the surgeon who will operate on you, the study of the feasibility of cosmetic surgery will take into account the state of your health and the respect of your wishes vis-à-vis medical ethics and the laws governed by the National Order of Physicians.

The validation of the intervention will not take much time and will be communicated to you as soon as possible with a complete return of diagnosis.

Planning your trip to Tunisia.

Upon your confirmation, MedEspoir Canada will plan your arrival in the best conditions and will do everything to avoid unpleasant surprises (delayed departure of the plane, loss of luggage, etc.).


On your arrival, you will find a bilingual assistant (French, English) who will welcome you at the airport, they will guide you with sympathy and friendliness and will inform you of the various steps to follow.

Transport is also provided by a trusted driver, and with a luxury car that will be at your disposal throughout the resort.


You will be accompanied from the airport to the hotel and then to the clinic. The assistant will explain the various stages of your stay and will also provide a guided tour of the nearby tourist areas.


You will be accommodated in a 5 or 4 star hotel equipped with all amenities: comfort, entertainment, tranquillity, security, etc. All MedEspoir partner hotels are located in strategic locations (near the airport and various tourist monuments).

Preoperative consultation.

Pre-operative consultations are mandatory to determine the surgical mode, the anesthetic dose, your expectations, etc. Through these, you can ask all the questions concerning the consequences, the undesirable effects, the constraints, the duration of the intervention, the extent of the scars, etc.


On the day of the intervention, you will be accompanied to carry out all the administrative procedures. An experienced medical team will be ready to perform the various acts leading to a reliable and lasting aesthetic result.

Post-operative help and support.

As soon as you wake up from anesthesia, we will be at your side to ensure the smooth running of the operation. At the end of the hospitalization, a medical file illustrating the state of your health will be communicated to you.

After the procedure.

As soon as you return to the hotel, a medical assistant will be at your disposal to heal the scars and ensure your good health. During the recovery process, you will be given medication to relieve certain pains.

The follow-up.

Our dedication and concern for your well-being does not stop there! Indeed, we have Canadian partner physicians spread throughout the country to provide post-surgical follow-up. Medical consultations can be even remotely, by Skype or by phone.

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