Face peeling in Tunisia : techniques and its results to treat skin wrinkles

The face peeling is an aesthetic medicine treatment intended to renew the upper layers of the epidermis by erasing spots, scars and small wrinkles.

It allows to obtain a brighter and more radiant complexion after removing, it also stimulates the production of collagen in a natural way.

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What is the price of a face peel in Tunisia?

The price of a face peel in Tunisia is very affordable and within everyone’s budget so that it is accessible to all patients interested in this aesthetic medicine.

Medespoir Canada offers you all-inclusive rates that include the practitioner’s fees and the entire stay to perform your facial peel. Request your free quote from our advisers.

What are the different techniques for face peeling?

There are several types of peeling which depend on the nature of the skin. Only the doctor can determine and direct you to the most effective method.

There are 3 main treatments:

The deep peel:

Performed under general anesthesia, it is indicated to treat very deep wrinkles. This peel offers remarkable skin rejuvenation with a touch of hyaluronic acid injection.

You will feel ten to fifteen years younger, the recovery time is about a week.

It should be noted that this type of peeling must be performed by a doctor trained in this technique.

The medium peel:

It aims to remove pigment spots and the first wrinkles, the sensation of heat that it causes during the session requires the application of an anesthetic cream.

The superficial peel:

It is a gentle and fairly light peel that aims to remove acne and small pimples. It is especially recommended for young, acne-prone skin.

The peeling requires some preparation before starting the session and this, by applying certain creams prescribed by your doctor.

​What happens during the face peeling process?

The doctor begins by applying a chemical substance to the skin for limited destruction of the deep layers of the dermis. Then, the doctor chooses the concentration of the active ingredients according to the type of skin of each patient:

For young or mature skin

Before forty-five years, it is the stage of prevention, but beyond this age, the treatment must be deeper, some may resort to lifting to counteract the deepest wrinkles.

For light, matte or dark skin

There are now treatments that can treat these types of skin, but this depends on the indications.

For female or male skin

It is clear that women’s skin is more delicate than men’s, so the technique differs.

What are the consequences of the peel?

Between three to seven days after the session, it is recommended to apply a moisturizer prescribed by your doctor, because the skin at this stage becomes more sensitive than usual.


It is contraindicated for people with infectious or degenerative skin diseases and for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

It is therefore important to seek the advice of your doctor in order to advise you.

What are the results of the face peel?

The peeling removes all the defects on the face and allows a radiant and luminous skin without any imperfection by replacing the dead cells with other younger ones.

The results are immediately visible after the treatment is done.


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