Breast lift in Tunisia

A woman’s body and her physical beauty are both defined by many aspects; one of the most important parts of that beauty is the chest.

A woman’s breast is the indication of her feminine beauty and the way she takes care of her self.

But there are many factors that make a woman lose the shape of her figure and particularly the shape and size of her breast such as a fast loss in weight, after pregnancy, genetics or old age, all of these aspects can contribute in you losing your natural beauty.

Because of those actions, a woman’s breast might appear saggy and has loose skin and can appear unhealthy, and it can cause you many mental issues that make you second guess your appearance and even hate some clothing.

But don’t lose hope yet, because MedEspoir is always here to help you regain your confidence in your look, and for the problem of saggy breasts we offer you the breast lift operation in Tunisia.

With this innovative and modern procedure, you will have your young natural beauty and have the sexy figure you always wanted.

MedEspoir offer the best deals and prices for the breast lift operation in Tunisia, and you will have the operation with the help of our best doctors so insure the most satisfying results.

Breast lift in Tunisia

How much does a breast lift in Tunisia cost ?

Save 70% on the price of having the breast lift operation at MedEspoir in Tunisia.

We understand the importance of physical beauty and having a young, slim and healthy body, and we know that cosmetic procedures can be pricy which leads many people to never having them.

But at MedEspoir we believe that it’s everyone’s right to have the body that they always wanted and be comfortable in their own skin, and price should not be the reason why people can’t have that.

This is why we have created our all-inclusive package that will help you undergo the breast lift operation in Tunisia at the best and lowest price possible.

Our unmatched prices are due to our all-inclusive package that allows you to have any cosmetic operation without worrying about any of the necessary costs such as:

  • The hotel room at a very high-end establishment.
  • The cost of the tools during and after the operation.
  • The fees of the medical team in charge of the operation.
  • Airport-hotel, hotel-clinic and other operation related transportation fees.
  • The post operative care and medication.

What is a breast lift operation ?

Breast lift or breast lifting is a cosmetic surgery that aims to restore the shape of your breast either by eliminating excess skin or by moving the nipples.

The breast lift consists of removing the excess skin and raising the nipple and the areola, in order to have a straightened and well-shaped breast.

With age or following pregnancy, the breasts can lose their tone and elasticity.

Sport and all the creams in the world will never be able to straighten a drooping chest that doctors call breast ptosis.

The operation is the best and most efficient solution for those problems, and the results are guaranteed.

Can i increase the volume of my breasts during a breast lift ?

Yes, it is possible to increase the volume of the breasts during a breast lift.

In fact, many women choose to combine a breast lift with breast augmentation to correct breast shape and volume at the same time.

During a breast lift, the surgeon can remove excess skin and tighten tissue to lift the breasts, while a breast augmentation can be performed using breast prostheses or transplanting fat to increase the volume of the breasts.

How to prepare for a breast lifting operation ?

The preparations for the procedure will be done with your doctor, so you will need to meet up with them for a preoperative consultation.

During this meeting the doctor will ask you about your goals and desires from the operation, and with a 3D model they will show you how the potential results would look like based on your wants.

The doctor will also carefully determine the strategy to adopt following your examinations and a preoperative assessment.

They will also ask you for a mammogram and an ultrasound of your breasts to make sure that you have no problems that can prevent you from undergoing the breast lift operation or if there is any issues that can pose a danger to your health either during or after the operation.

A blood test and a look to your medical history are essential for the preparations to this procedure, if you are taking any medication like aspirin then you will need to stop.

If you are a smoker, you will be asked to stop smoking one month before and one month after the operation.

What happens during breast lifting operation in Tunisia ?

The operation is done with local anesthesia and will take a period of two to three hours to be done.

The surgeon first draws lines on your chest to get the right measurements.

There are two types of incisions to be made during ptosis surgery “the vertical scar” and “the inverted T scar.” The plastic surgeon performs a T-shaped scar when the breast reduction is important.

This scar consists of a periareolar scar, a vertical scar and a horizontal scar.

In the case of moderate breast ptosis, it is possible for the cosmetic surgeon to make a single scar.

During the surgery, the doctor moves the mammary gland upwards and then reshapes the skin envelope so that it adapts to the new curve. The areola-nipple area is then replaced in the appropriate position.

It is possible, during this procedure, to place a breast implant, this is called a breast prosthesis-plasty.

Hospitalization for a breast lift lasts one or two nights and the procedure does not exceed two hours.

What happens during the postoperative phase of a breast lift surgery ?

During the first period of your healing, it’s very normal to notice some swelling, and you might feel a mild pain.

The doctor will prescribe the necessary medication, but any off the shelf painkiller is enough to deal with the discomfort and the bruising will disappear in one week.

It’s best to take some time off work, so you don’t put too much stress on your body, usually one week is enough to help your body heal so that you can go back to your daily activities.

Lifting your arms or doing any basic work can be a bit hard so it’s best to have someone to help you around the house, you must also stay away from physically demanding activities like sports and lifting heavy weights.

The doctor will give you a support bra to wear night and day so that no damage can happen to your chest, this support bra will be worn for a month.

Make sure to always keep up with your postoperative consultations and appointments with your doctor so that they can monitor your healing and see the progress of the results.

What are the results of a breast lift ?

The results are visible immediately after the procedure; you will notice a different and healthy shape to your breasts.

However, it is necessary to wait until the edema is completely resorbed to observe the final result. After almost a year your breasts will be shapely and symmetrical.

The scars gradually fade over time; they lighten from the 2nd month and become white after 6 or 12 months.

Can breast ptosis recur after a breast lift ?

Yes, it is possible, however, this happens due to many factors such as:

  • Gravity.
  • Aging.
  • Weight variations.

There are many other life factors that can affect the shape and firmness of your breasts over time.

To minimize the risk of a recurrence, it is important to maintain a balanced weight, exercise regularly, and follow your doctor’s instructions for postoperative care.

What are the alternatives to breast lift ?

The breast lift operation is one of the most efficient chest procedures in the field of cosmetic surgeries, but it’s not aimed for everyone.

Some people have reasons that can prevent them from having this procedure either financial or physical, but no worries because MedEspoir offer a large variety of breast surgeries to best suit your needs.

Breast augmentation by prostheses:

The objective of a breast implantation by prostheses is to increase the volume of the breasts and to modify their shape in order to improve their appearance.

The chest thus regains its initial volume and the desired appearance while overcoming ptosis.

Breast lipofilling:

Breast lipofilling is a cosmetic surgery aimed at injecting your own fat into the chest.

This lipofilling technique allows women wishing to practice liposuction at the same time to recover the removed fat in order to reinject it directly into the breasts after having it purified.

Can breast ptosis be corrected without surgery ?

There is no non-surgical treatment to correct breast ptosis.

However, some women may choose to use specialty bras to help support the breasts and keep them in place, which can help improve their appearance.

In addition, it is also possible to improve the firmness and shape of the breasts by exercising regularly to strengthen the pectoral muscles and by maintaining a balanced weight.

However, it is always necessary to speak with a breast specialist so that they can help you determine the best treatment plan for your condition while taking into account your aesthetic goals.

What are the risks of a breast lifting operation ?

No cosmetic or medical procedure come without a risk factor, and the breast lifting operation is no different.

However, with MedEspoir you will have the help of the best specialist doctors that will always make sure nothing ever happens to you during or after the procedure.

It is necessary that you know the different risks that come with this operation so that you can have a better understanding about it.

Some of the risks of a breast lift operation are:

  • Bleeding.
  • Infection.
  • Swelling and bruising.
  • Nerve damage

The doctor will discuss with you how to avoid these risks and will instruct you on how to best manage them if they do happen.

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