Liposuction in Tunisia

Achieving the perfect symmetrical figure is everyone’s dream; it makes you look young, beautiful and healthy, and looking at it everytime you look at the mirror is the perfect confidence boost that you need.

But it’s not easy to obtain the body that you want, in fact it’s extremely difficult, and there are many factors that can make it hard.

One of the factors is our sugar heavy diets, genetics can also play a major role in giving your body it’s natural shape.

And due to our unhealthy diet or the genetics many people can end up with a body that is filled with harmful fats, making it get a saggy and heavy look to it.

And it’s not just an aesthetic problem, accumulated fat can cause so many problems like obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes, and all of these conditions are very serious.

But not to worry as MedEspoir is always here to give you the best solutions for all of your aesthetic problems, and for the issue of excess fat we present you with the liposuction procedure in Tunisia.

If you dream about having a healthy looking and symmetrical body then liposuction in Tunisia is your best choice, the procedure is very efficient and uses the most modern cutting edge medical tools.

With MedEspoir you will be able to have the liposuction operation in Tunisia for the most affordable price possible.


How much does liposuction in Tunisia cost ?

You want to have the liposuction operation but afraid that it’s too expensive? Fear no, MedEspoir is here to solve that problem for you.

With us you will save 70% on the price of having the liposuction procedure in Tunisia.

Through out the years Tunisia has become a known destination for many people around the world to have their cosmetic surgeries; this is thanks to the highly advanced medical facilities and the extremely skilled and educated doctors.

MedEspoir offers you a collective of the best surgeons and nurses to be at your service when ever you need them.

But our best feature is our very affordable and budget friendly prices for all cosmetic surgeries in Tunisia, you will be able to save 70% on the price of liposuction in Tunisia.

This is due to our all-inclusive package that covers all the necessary expenses like:

  • Costs of the aesthetic clinic and the operating room.
  • The fees of the medical team (surgeon, anesthesiologist, etc.) in charge of the operation.
  • Airport-hotel, hotel-clinic and other transfer fees.
  • The costs of the medical equipment used for the procedure.
  • The care and medication intended for the postoperative period.

What is a liposuction procedure ?

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery allowing a remodeling of your figure.

This cosmetic body operation removes fat and/or fatty tissue from different areas of the body using a cannula or syringe connected to a suction machine.

Liposuction in Tunisia is practiced by the best surgeon of our agency, is often associated with other cosmetic surgical procedures such as breast lipofilling or buttock lipofilling.

What are the body areas that liposuction targets ?

The procedure is aimed to get rid of excess fat in your body; the procedure can be done in various areas and parts of your body to insure that all of it is symmetrical and beautiful.

  • Arms: improve a disproportionate aspect of the arm allowing you to wear sleeveless clothing without being conscious about the way they look.
  • Belly: The abdomen is the area most often treated with liposuction in both men and women.
  • Ankles: Liposuction of the ankles is important for the shape of the leg, is performed alone or combined with liposuction of the calves.
  • Calves: combined with liposuction of the ankles for aesthetically harmonious legs.
  • Knees: Performed on an outpatient basis, liposuction of the knees makes it possible to refine the contour of the leg.
  • Thighs: liposuction of the inner surfaces of the knees and thighs to fight against localized fat deposits.
  • Hips: to lose love handles and saddlebags.
  • Face: it allows you to refine the shape and contour of your face while lightening it’s features.
  • Neck: It attacks the fatty deposits located in the neck and under the chin, ideal intervention for a double chin or an impastoed cervical region.

How to prepare for liposuction ?

As with any surgery, a preoperative appointment with your surgeon will be scheduled, during which , the doctor will understand your goals out of the liposuction procedure and establish the specific areas to be treated.

The doctor will also perform a physiological assessment and blood tests to collect all the necessary data such as weight, height but also the positioning of the fat.

An interview with the anesthesiologist will also be scheduled to best prepare for the anesthesia and deal with any eventuality.

If you are on any medication, make sure to tell your doctor as some of them may need to be altered in dosage while other like medications that contain aspirin must be stopped.

You must stop smoking for a period of a month prior to the operation and slow down your drinking so that no potential risks can happen either during or after the procedure.

It’s best that you see a dietitian, as you must prepare a diet plan for after the operation, you will need to start changing your diet to keep the results of the liposuction operation.

What happens during the liposuction operation in Tunisia ?

To make sure that you feel no pain during the operation, the doctor will give you general anesthesia, the procedure takes a period between one and three hours to be done.

After delimiting the areas to be treated, the doctor inserts round-tipped cannulas through tiny incisions to suck out excess fat cells.

The number of incisions made during liposuction depends on the amount of fat to be removed. Generally, the surgeon makes between 6 and 13 incisions.

The fat will therefore be eliminated through fine heat waves of the order of 3 to 4 millimeters.

As soon as all the excess fat cells have been removed, the surgeon sutures the incisions with absorbable thread.

What happens after liposuction ?

It’s normal to notice some slight redness on your skin near the treated areas and feel a mild pain during the first days after the operation; this is of course very manageable with the medications and painkillers that the doctor will prescribe for you.

Your surgeon will recommend that you wear a flexible compression garment (panty or lippopanty) for 3 to 4 weeks.

Edema, feeling of fatigue and a few bruises are naturally to be expected following liposuction. These few inconveniences will eventually fade after a few days except for the absorption of the edema which will take 4 to 6 months.

The suture threads do not require a separate procedure to be removed and in some liposuction operations, the surgeon does not use suture threads.

To make sure that the results stay with you for a long time, you must change your diet and overall lifestyle.

After your healing, you must switch to a more healthy diet and start exercising more so that no excess fats can be formed in your body.

What are the results of liposuction ?

Patients who have had recourse to this operation are generally extremely satisfied, you can notice the results right away, but the final result of liposuction can only be assessed after a period of 6 months.

From the first weeks you can observe the disappearance of excess fat and see your skin tighten.

The marked improvement in your figure as well as the recovery of motor skills in certain parts of the body is extremely satisfactory.

Autologous fat taken during liposuction can also be reused for breast lipofilling or buttock lipofilling, for example.

What are the risks of liposuction ?

As it is the case with every cosmetic procedure, liposuction has some potential risks and complications, and inorder for you to fully understand the operation you will need to know there risks.

Some of the potential complication of liposuction are:

  • Bleeding.
  • Pain.
  • Nerve damage
  • Contour irregularities.
  • Lidocaine toxicity.
  • Infection.
  • Hematoma
  • Fat embolism.

MedEspoir offers you the help of the most highly trained doctors in the world, so the operation is safe and these risks are rare.

The doctor will give you the necessary instructions so that you can stay safe and avoid these risks.

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