Laser tattoo removal in Tunisia

Laser tattoo removal Tunisia is an advanced treatment, the aim of which is to completely remove tattoos without leaving scars or areas of skin without pigmentation. Laser technology is the latest advancement in tattoo removal treatment.

Although traditional methods are still used, laser tattoo removal has yielded more satisfactory results for patients without a significant increase in cost.

Laser tattoo Tunisia

What is the price of laser tattoo Tunisia ?

The price of laser tattoo removal in Tunisia varies depending on the number of treatment sessions. The price depends on several factors, including the type of tattoo and the size of it.

At Medespoir Canada, we set up rates that are studied and accessible to as many people as possible.

These prices include:

  • The price of the sessions.
  • Airport-hotel, hotel-clinic and other transfer fees.
  • The costs of the medical equipment used for the intervention.

How is a laser treatment to remove tattoos is performed ?

During laser treatment, the high energy of the laser disintegrates the tattoo ink into tiny particles, which the skin gradually absorbs.

Laser tattoo removal may cause some discomfort, but local anesthetic can be used to eliminate pain.

After a laser tattoo removal treatment, minor side effects such as redness or skin sensitivity may occur; however, these effects tend to diminish within three to seven days.

Each tattoo has different characteristics that influence the number of sessions needed. These include:

  • The size.
  • The colour.
  • The type of ink used.
  • The age of the tattoo.

The number of sessions that are required for laser tattoo removal is determined primarily by the color of the tattoo. Many tattoos are made with different color families, and you need a different laser for each.

Some tattoos may take 15 to 20 treatments before they disappear completely.

Turquoise tattoos are the most difficult to remove because there is no specific laser that can remove this color effectively.

In most cases, laser tattoo removal ranges from six to twelve treatments, which can be spread over several months or a few years.

What are the other alternative treatments for tattoo removal ?

In addition to laser tattoo removal, there are several other treatment options.

Intense Pulsed Light:

The IPL™ treatment emits pulses of light onto the skin which removes the tattoo in a very similar way to laser treatment. This method is considered to be more effective and less painful than laser treatment for removing tattoos.

Surgical Excision:

During this procedure, the tattoo is cut, and the skin is stitched back together. This procedure leaves a scar.


In this treatment, the skin is polished and as a result, a scar or pale area remains.

What are the consequences after laser tattoo removal ?

The first week, some scabs, and in rare cases, some microscopic hemorrhages may appear.

2 to 4 weeks after the laser tattoo removal, a progressive pigmentation of the skin will appear and will eventually disappear gradually within a maximum of three months after the laser tattoo removal session.

You will be advised to avoid exposing the areas of the body that have undergone laser therapy to the sun or UV rays.

What are the results for laser tattoo removal ?

A laser tattoo removal treatment leads, in the overwhelming majority of cases, to extremely satisfactory results. Irrevocable and lasting, laser tattoo removal must be carefully considered and studied with your aesthetic doctor in order to carry out this project.

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