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Having the perfect mixture of affordability and the best treatment is a privilege that not all medical agencies and clinics have, but Medespoir Tunisia shines in those two aspects.

With a good public and private health system, the smallest country in North Africa has forged an excellent reputation in the field of medical tourism and particularly in cosmetic surgery.

Supported by an action plan put in place by the Tunisian state, for more than ten years, medical tourism has been able to evolve, structure itself and meet the expectations and drastic requirements imposed by such a field of activity.

Resolutely professional, MedEspoir Canada is now positioned as a natural leader and a recognized expert in the field of medical tourism in Tunisia.

Medicard To offer complete and unequaled services, our agency works in partnership with Medicard, a company offering personalized financing solutions to Canadian patients.

And with Medespoir you will be able to save up to 70% on the price of your medical or cosmetic treatment.



The costs of having a cosmetic surgery in Tunisia.

Medespoir aims at providing all our patients with the best care and the most relaxing experience, this is why we have created our all-inclusive package

The concept of all-inclusive and inexpensive prices means that Medespoir undertakes to provide you with a price that includes all the expenses related to your Tunisian cosmetic, bariatric or dental surgery.

The all-inclusive package will include:

  • Breast surgery.
  • Eye surgeries.
  • Dental treatment.
  • Facial surgery.
  • Figure surgery.
  • Gastric procedures.
  • Hair treatment and growing.
  • Infertility treatment.
  • Intimate surgeries.

Discover the other specialties of Medespoir Canada.

Many people choose not to undergo cosmetic procedures because they fear that they would leave noticeable scars or have a fear of the idea of surgeries.

However MedEspoir offer many alternative and none surgical option for our patients to help them achieve their goal.

Our agency has provided alternative solutions for people interested in aesthetic improvements but refusing surgery such as:

  • In vitro treatment.
  • Refractive surgery.
  • Aesthetic medicine.

You will therefore have the opportunity to practice face and body treatments in our many partner clinics specializing in aesthetic medicine.

Aesthetic medicine is a medical specialty responsible for the restoration, maintenance and aesthetic improvement of the human body.

In recent decades, different procedures and techniques have been developed to allow treatments to be carried out without resorting to major surgeries.

chirurgie esthetique en Tunisie
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Procedures can be performed with local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis, depending on the objective, the treatment may be for:

  • The prevention of aging.
  • The treatment of scars.
  • Stretch marks.
  • Burns.
  • Varicose veins.

We also provide each of our patients with innovations in restorative plastic surgery, refractive surgery with cataract operations but also the latest advances in assisted reproduction techniques such as IVF to optimize your chances of being a parent.

Best Plastic Surgeon in Tunisia: Trust, Experience, and Professionalism

To make sure that you achieve the best results possible for your cometic surgery in Tunisia you must have the best care, meaning that you must have the helping hands of the best doctors in the business.

MedEspoir has made sure to collect the very best and most professional and skillful doctors and nurses to create a highly trained medical team to be at your service.

Our mission is to help you achieve your dreams with the best help and the lowest prices which is why our medical team will work day and night so that you are fully satisfied and happy with your results.

We guarantee you the best results.

Medespoir Clinics: Cutting edge technological facilities for you

We have carefully chosen the best and most technologically advanced partner clinics for your satisfaction and relaxation.

We chose the best criterias to choose our partners such as:

High-performance medical equipment.

The comfort of the rooms.

The safety of the hospital establishment.

The qualification of the medical staff (doctor, practitioner, nurses).

Compliance with asepsis and hygiene standards.

Proximity to airport and hotel.

To find out more, do not hesitate to contact our team. All the necessary information will be communicated to you as soon as possible.

Our all-inclusive prices to help you get the best treatment in Tunisia.

Having the best and most affordable price possible is an essential step in your cosmetic treatment journey, and at MedEspoir Canada we fully understand that.

This is why we have created our all-inclusive package to make sure that our prices are within your budget.

The reviews of some of our patients.

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